This is a core module in the Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Module purpose:
On completion of this module, learners will be able to identify the key stakeholders in the application of the sourcing process and analyse the procurement cycle, evaluating the influence that procurement and supply has as a source of added value for the organisation.

Module aims:
In any organisation, a significant proportion of costs are accounted for by the purchases of products and/or services, hence organisations see procurement and supply as a key contributor to their value-added strategies. Equally, any organisation will also be managing the supply of products and/or services to their customers, be they internal or those from other external organisations, consumers or the general public. This module is designed using the CIPS Procurement Cycle as its basis. It will provide those who are interested in developing an informed awareness of different perspectives or approaches within the discipline, an overview of the key stages associated with procurement and supply and will serve as an introduction for those who are expected to address complex well-defined procurement and supply problems that are non-routine in nature.

The module also serves as the initial study for learners who are embarking on the CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply, hence coverage is limited to the definition of concepts and ideas as well as to the terminology used in procurement and supply, rather than detailed analysis, evaluation and practical application which will be a feature of later CIPS level 4 modules.